The uncut and censored version of ‘Kabali’

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The uncut and censored version of ‘Kabali’. A groovy ambience is spread out across the towns from the last evening in accordance to the official announcement on the film’s release – July 22. It all happened with the censor board committee members viewing the film at BOFTA Institute, which is something rare and first of its kind that the entire team of ‘Kabali’ wanted to have. It is because the usual preview theatres were surrounded by media bloggers, who were killing their time to leak the first piece of breaking news. This made producer Kalaipuli S Dhanu and his sons to make a clear cut choice of having it screened there and finally, it all came with good tidings from the producer’s twitter page.

According to the sources, the original uncut version was 2 Hours 50 Minutes and before sending for censors, the entire team trimmed 15 minutes of the running length to keep it crisp. It seems that there were huge discussions and conflicts while doing the edits as ever actor had their prominence to the pinnacle and deleting even a single scene would be a constraint. But somehow, the makers have managed to pull it off in a perfect way and yes, the final censored version of Kabali with 2hours 32minutes will be hitting screens on July 22.