Thoonga Vanam actual biz status

Well, everyone keeps looking up towards the blockbuster hit Vedalam and nothing much has been turned upon Kamal Haasan’s Thoonga Vanam. While there are many claims that the film has bombed in box office, the actual scenario is that Kamal Haasan has managed to spin a profit in 1:5 ratio, which is completely unbelievable but the real fact.

According to the reports, the film excluding the remuneration of Kamal Haasan was shot in a figure less than 7-Cr mark, where the actors didn’t have more than 10 days of call sheet and technicians including Ghibran and Sanu Varghese have already been signed up 3 or 4 film contract basis. In this way, the budget is so slow and the profit earned through the collections is huge.