Thozha – a movie about friendship

– a movie about friendship

What is the Depth of friend ship,this is a question that had been lingering over the man kind for numerous years. ‘’  the new epic on friend ship starring Nagarjuna and Karthi releasing this Friday has a reply to  this riddle. It is the duration of the film ‘’ that will be the new yard stick for friend ship.The duration of this film said to be a top class family entertainer is 2 hours 35 mnts and 15 seconds, and here it is the length of friend ship in a capsule.

Those who had seen this film has a point to say ‘ Thozha is only for people who  have friends and those who long for friends’ , is there any body out side this circle one wonders , after all friend ship is the key word that operates the mechanism of man kind. To add flavour to this sweet candy called friend ship , ‘Thozha ‘ had been rewarded with a tax free concession , an absolute recognition for a feel good family entertainer.

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