Time for fulfilling promises starts for Vishal

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Sometimes, the manifestos cited during the campaigning of elections might sound well, but not many times we do see them being fulfilled. But to a surprise, the Nadigar Sangam elections have made it a part of revolution as the newly elected team has started to fulfill the promises. The new committee members happened to meet the FEFSI members of other unions including Directors, Producers et al.

During the occasion, Vishal mentioned that aged and senior artistes will be granted with the monthly pension and some of them will be given additional privileges as well. Karthi on his part added that the database of the members in artistes association to be collected will be the first priority. Although Rajnikanth has been reported of being offered a honoury position in the committee, Kamal Haasan has already accepted to take up the Trustee role offered by the newly appointed team.