Velaikkaran Music Review
Velaikkaran Music Review

Velaikkaran Music Review

When Anirudh and Sivakarthikeyan collaborate for an album, we can surely expect a much massive exploding moment. In fact, the duo offers some power-pumping numbers, especially on the commercial Kuthu genre. But it wasn’t exactly the situation with their last year album ‘Remo’, which was more off western bound, except a track. Now they are back with a bang offering a full swing treat to the mongers who were curiously awaiting this arrival.

1. Karuthavanlaam Galeejam
Singer: Anirudh Ravichander
Lyrics: Viveka

The song has already turned to be a huge hit from the time of single track release. It has already become the anthem of masses. Embedded With heavy level percussions tailor made for Kuthu genre, Anirudh gives an impulsive stroke with this song. The lyrical lines by Viveka are as catchy as preferred by Anirudh that ends with rhyming words. This makes the job much easier for Anirudh to compose it accordingly.

2. Iraiva
Singers: Anirudh Ravichander and Jonita Gandhi
Lyrics: Viveka

A phenomenal song that comprises of two different emotions that gets coalesced with pathos and yearning of love and redemption, which is musically presented. Anirudh just flexes his vocal cord to an unimaginable extent, which leaves us amazed. The fortepianos remain as the base throughout the track and the way Jonita Gandhi expresses the emotions are magnificent.

3. Ezhu Velaikkara
Singers: Siddharth Mahadevan and Chorus
Lyrics: Viveka

An energy pumping number that brings in inspiring lyrics and it could regarded as the best wake up song. Usually, such numbers are rendered by the most celebrated Shankar Mahadevan, but this time it’s all about his son Siddarth Mahadevan taking over the queue and making it more perfect. In many places, we get to hear the traces of Shankar Mahadevan. This will definitely an overpowering number as we keep listening to it and with visuals.

4. Idhayane
Singers: Neeti Mohan and Anirudh Ravichander
Lyrics: Karky

An instant melody that immediately gets into our senses for the first time we hear it. Such is the wonderful package of this number. It is a very well known fact that when Neeti Mohan and Anirudh get together onboard, the song is definitely gonna be a scintillating one. Over here, Karky adds up more beauty to the song with an emotionally loveable peck.

5. Vaa Velaikkara
Singers: Shakthisree Gopalan and Bjorn Surrao
Lyrics: Vivek

Much on the lines of ‘Ezhu Velaikkara’, this one too sounds much on similar paradigm with lyrics, but the genre differs in musical terms. Shakthisree Gopalan spells out an impeccably awe-inspiring rendition and Bjorn Surrao is no exception. The musical part and vocalization are balanced prominently.

On the whole, Velaikkaran strikes spectacularly with three instant hits that includes Idhayane, Karuthavanlaam Galeejaam and Iraiva. The other tracks sounding like signature songs will definitely gain it impact with the visuals. 

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Verdict: Sivakarthikeyan-Anirudh duo strikes gold again

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