Vijay’s surprise and joyful tears

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The greatest happiness in the world lies in the joy of sharing and nothing can make your life beautiful than sharing the moments with someone who has been yearning to feel your presence at least for a while. Such has been the paradisiacal moment for three young kids who are prone to blood cancer and counting their days. When these kids were asked if they have a wish to be fulfilled, without a pause, they expressed their desire to meet their favourite Vijay Anna.

To a surprise, the kids were immersed in unconditional joy of tears and happiness on finding their matinee idol visiting them at the earliest. The actor spent more time with these kids and he couldn’t resist but had his eyes turning moist over the love they have for him. Overwhelming with intense affinity to the kids, he clicked more pictures, gifted goodies and wished them to get well soon and assured their caretakers of affording his complete aid for the situation. This inspiring deed of actor Vijay has made not alone his fans embossed with emotional joy, but everyone indeed touched his act of humanity.