Milan Vivegam
Art director Milan Vivegam

“Vivegam is shot in the abyss zones of human eyes” – Milan

Gone are those days when one from Kollywood used to wonder about the exotic locations that Bollywood and other international film industries would bring to us. Now we have been reaching far beyond such limits and have managed to turn the global spotlights upon Tamil cinema.  Ajith Kumar starrer  Vivegam is believed to be a sure-footed illustration of such exemplifications, where everything involving the script and technical quotients have been labeled on International platforms.

Art director Milan utters in simple terms, “Vivegam is shot in the abyss zones far from the human sight.” It’s obvious that when a location hunt happens, it would be referred by the local regional agents where other films were shot. But director Siva and his team have been completely unconventional about this choice, where they had to shoot across some never-seen-before locations.

Milan affirms that Vivegam is a spearheading attempt in Indian cinema to bring forth the International touch.