Lots of quickies and this might push you to assume that Dhanush is going through a comfortable phase of light performance oriented films. But least do many know that the hard work and effort he pushes into every film. It all becomes evident not during the shoot as he always manages to maintain a low profile of not publicizing about his himself. But hard work always gets paid off and during the audio launch of Thodari, which is now happening at Sathyam Cinemas, we find everyone aggrandizing about his earnest efforts while shooting the film.

The most appealing of all the talks were Action choreographer Stunt Silva, who cited, “We had to shoot a particular action sequence in the running train and Dhanush was requested that a dupe can perform the stunts hanging over the running train, but he was so stubborn that he wanted to give his own try and we were really scared to see him perform. The climax sequence involves high production values as around 8 cameras were to be placed for the final combat and it all was possible only due to the great support of producers.”