When Maddy decided not to do any films

Chocolate boy – the often become a predominate screensaver on mobiles and girls turn crazy hailing out from their ribs when they see him on screens. No matter what he does or performs, it’s all about a cute smile and perhaps, some romantic elements that once turned these fans crazy. But with the changing phase of time, it all left many deprived and suddenly pushed towards the corner. Madhavan believes that such a ‘chocolate boy’ image would surely result in bleak scenarios with an expiry date.

The actor is vigorously promoting his upcoming film ‘Irudhi Sutru’ and in one of the interviews happened to claim that there came a point in his life, where he decided not to take up any movies. “I was completely letdown with some failures, which I anticipated would become a huge hit. I decided to take a break from these usual clutches and move outside the usual zone, where the flatteries torment you and yes, when we get out of this arena, we are bound to realistic appraisals. I never wanted to any film aftermath and it was during this juncture, got a call from Sudha over ‘Irudhi Suttru’.”