Why family audiences will love GV Prakash’s KIK?

Why family audiences will love ’s ?

This has been a relentless argumentative statement among the audiences whether music director turned actor would be able to draw family audiences for his movie. The earnest reason is that most of his erstwhile movies have belonged to ‘Adult-Comedy’, his upcoming movie ‘Kadavul Irukan Kumaru’ would be an exception. Recently, interacting with the film’s crew, RJ Balaji who has played an important role in this movie has said jocularly, “For the first time, family audiences will love a GV Prakash movie and that’s because of the decorous hilarious elements that director Rajesh has included. Moreover, the film will not have any smoking, drinking or stalking girls sequences and would be enjoyed by family audiences.” When asked about the highlighting sequence in the movie, RJ Balaji adds that 10-minute hilarious drama of a show titled ‘Pesuvadhellam Unmai’ hosted by Oorvasi with almost everyone in the cast taking part would be the greatest highlight.

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