Will Vivegam trailer make 5 Million in 24 hours?

Ajith Kumar starrer Vivegam had the theatrical trailer unveiled last night and it stormed up as usual. The response has been tremendously awe-inspiring and the fans are celebrating the majestic screen presence of Ajith Kumar. Moreover, it has been setting a new mile 3.5 Million YouTube views in a span of just 16 hours. Well, it’s just 1.5 Million more views to make it 5M before this midnight. With Vivegam trailer spreading out with rage and forest fire publicity, it is expected to reach this milestone incessantly.

Moreover, the theatrical trailer has fetched 3,29,000 Likes and it looks like it would break its own record of 500K Likes that the teaser had made it. It is noteworthy that Vivegam is the first even movie in entire world cinema to had gained 500K Likes for teaser in a short span of time.