Wow! Is this true about Iru Mugan event?
Usually, when it’s a Vikram based film event, it would be turning to be a lengthy dramatic occasion. This isn’t incisively due to the delayed programming, but his hard work in each film surely needs the appreciations that come relentlessly from the crew members and special guests. But this morning, it was a perfect surprise as the event was so much neatly planned up that it was completed in right timing.
It was so much evident with his erstwhile movies like Deva Thirumagal, Kanthasamy, ‘Ai’ and more off such instances.
But this one involving ‘Iru Mugan’ was pretty much well organized and it all took off sharply on the time printed on invitation and wrapped up exactly as planned. One more additional reason is that usually some events at main Sathyam theatre would delay the first show of day that make audiences wait outside. But then, since Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali was running there house packed, the theatre owners were completely strict that the event has to get over at least 30 minutes before the movie time so as to make the cleaning process and the entry of audiences for the first show.