Ezhil Arasu K




- Director of Photography


- Director of Photography

Bison Kaalamaadan

- Director of Photography

Ezhil Arasu K is a distinguished cinematographer in the Indian film industry, known for his exceptional work predominantly in Tamil cinema. His artistic vision and technical expertise have contributed to the visual storytelling of various acclaimed films. Ezhil Arasu’s career is marked by collaborations with notable directors and a portfolio that showcases a range of genres, reflecting his versatility and dedication to the craft of cinematography.

His work on ‘Pyaar Prema Kaadhal’ (2018) showcased his ability to capture the nuances of romance and emotion, while ‘Dada’ (2023) demonstrated his versatility in dealing with complex narratives. Another notable project is ‘Alice’, where his cinematography played a crucial role in bringing the film’s unique vision to life. These films, among others, have cemented Ezhil Arasu’s reputation as a cinematographer with a distinctive style and an eye for creating compelling visual experiences.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for bringing stories to life through the lens, Ezhil Arasu K continues to be an influential figure in the realm of Indian cinema.