49-O Movie Review

Director : P. Arokiyadoss
Cast : Goundamani
Producer : DR.L. Sivabalan
Writter  : P. Arokiyadoss
Music : K
Cinematography  : Aadhi Karuppiah
Editing : Paramesh Krishna
Production company : Zero rules Entertainment
Distribution :
Release date : 17 September 2015
Certificate : U
Running Time : 128 mins

Goundamani is back as hero after so many years, this time he tries to do a MGR style script with social oriented message to the people. Film shows the situation of poor farmers whose life is stuck between politicians and real estate brokers. Subject is quite common which we can relate to our daily life happenings.

Good to see Goundamani on screen, Still he carries the same charm and dialogue delivery. At this age, we should appreciate his energy level. Felt like he is doing the same kind of expressions throughout the film. Also his dancing looks a little odd which could have been avoided. His characterization has been very well framed.

There are plenty of other characters in the film, but the few among which stays in mind are Motta Rajendiran, Thirumurugan and Soma Sundaram. Couple of comedy scenes worked out only because of Rajendiran. Need to find out who the heroine is.

Technically the movie is below par with very average music by K. All the songs in the film are unwanted, it kills the flow of the movie. Background music is another thing to worry about. Aadhi Karuppiah’s camerawork is apt to the film. Makeup department could have put more efforts. Editing is just okay.

Debutant director Arokiyadoss tries to handle social message with the help of Legend Goundamani. Screenplay lags big time and it confuses the audience at the end. Though the concept was good, presentation fails. Dialogues are good. Good luck for your next project.

Movie can be watchable for Goundamani fans and people who love political, economical drama. Last year we saw the same events in Kaththi film, Interestingly both the films carries same farmer issues. Lets wait for Goundamani’s next project.