5 reasons why ‘Gethu’ is already a hot pick for Pongal

When something new comes from a store, the expectations would gradually pop up and such is the scenario of Udhayanidhi Stalin-Amy Jackson starrer ‘Gethu’, which is getting ready for release on the festival of Pongal. We have 5 reasons why this film is already hot pick for this occasion.

1. Getting through a series of comedy capers, Udhayanidhi Stalin has emerged to be spearheading with something new. This has propelled many to look upon what could be the speciality in this project.

2. Udhayanidhi teaming up with new cast, especially not bringing the same pattern with Santhanam has turned to be an intriguing element to experience that actor has tried something different here.

3. The theatrical trailer of this film has captivated the audiences across multiplex and single screen panorama to keep their fingers crossed about this film.

4. It’s been a long time, Tamil cinema had witnessed a full-fledged edge-seated thriller and this one will offer a sumptuous treat to all.

5. The star-cast involving Udhayanidhi Stalin, Amy Jackson, Sathyaraj, Vikranth and Karunakaran looks something unique and their roles are reportedly substantial travelling throughout the movie.