5 reasons why Jil Jung Juk has raised everyone’s expectations?

Winning warmth and affection of Chennaites for his unconditional support during the flood times, Siddarth had a fabulous opening for his previous release ‘Aranmanai 2’. He is all set to hit the bull’s eyes with his production venture titled ‘Jil Jung Juck’ that is directed by Dheeraj Vaidy with an ensemble star-cast of Avinash Raghudevan, Sananth Reddy, Nassar, Radharavi, RJ Balaji in lead roles. With the film hitting screens this Friday (February 12), we bring you five interesting factors that has raised everyone’s expectations on this movie.

1. The film is set in the backdrops of a fantasy location and that’s the reason we find Siddarth blue-haired and there are lots of adventures involved in the drama. In the recent times, none have attempted with such a genre of movie.

2. The musical score by Vishal Chandrashekar based on different musical genres has already captured the masses with more invigorations.

3. Not to miss the Chartbuster hit ‘Shoot the Kuruvi’ crooned by Anirudh, which is still grading more views on the YouTube and online channels.

4. It’s been a long time, we saw a full length hilarious film with some heist and conmen involved. Jil Jung Juck will offer all the experiences that will consistently kee tickling your funny bones.

5. Moreover, this is the first ever attempt in the recent times, where there isn’t any heroine as you could find it in the opening verses of ‘Shoot The Kuruvi’.