Aarathu Sinam Movie Review

Writer & Director : Arivazhagan
Producer : N. Ramasamy
Cast : Arulnithi | Aishwarya Rajesh | Aishwarya Dutta | Anupama Kumar
Music : S. Thaman
Cinematography : Aravinnd Singh
Editor : Rajesh Kannan S
Production company & Distribution : Sri Thenandal Films
Running Time : 147 mins

Murders based on codes with some connections linking the serial mysteries and a drunk ex-cop bitten by the unforgettably loss of his past life gets on to solve it all. A crisp storyline that was offered a power-packed narration by Drishyam fame Jeetu Joseph in the original version had garnered a mammoth response among the masses. Now we have it all translated in Tamil by filmmaker Arivazhagan of Eeram fame, who has tried making some difference for the regional adaption starring Arulnithi in lead role with Aishwarya Rajesh, Gaurav, Radharavi, Charlie and Robot Shankar in important characters.

Arulnithi has been an wayward for past four years after his wife and children was bumped off by a gangster as an actor of vengeance. A series of murders based on biblical references of crucifixion and quotes happen and it’s up to Arulnithi to find trapping the real culprit. What unfolds next is a series of thrilling moments, but towards the end, something more shocking arrives into the life of Arulnithi while on the verge of taking down the murderer.

Arulnithi has chosen certain scripts that don’t demand his scrupulous efforts in performance. Even an effortless one would the best results as it happened with Mouna Guru and Demonte Colony. Over here, he tries to drive a better show and accomplishes to certain extent. Aishwarya Rajesh has nothing much to perform in this movie as she appears for the flashback sequences. In the name of adding some emotions, the filmmaker has tried to elongate the romantic portions in the flashback, which doesn’t actually fit in well. He could have better avoided it and it looks like the same pattern of ‘Eeram’, where the investigations keep happening on current time and love episodes in the flashback. Radharavi is simply great with an impeccable spell. Robot Shankar is a complete annoyance to the script for his hilarious dialogues doesn’t work out anywhere. Imagine what could have happened if Vadivelu had to Kamal Haasan in Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu for the murder investigations? Such is the scenario here and the comedy is an unwanted stuff here.

Background score by SS Thaman works out on the impactful elevation of thrill and emotional contexts. Editing is really worthy of appreciations for the flash cuts of montages you see during the investigations is top-notch and so are the visuals in red tone by cinematography, which creates more intensity.

The story by Jeetu Joseph is the greatest strength on which the entire film travels and even the diminishing flaws get eclipsed.

Aarathu Sinam Movie Review
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Aarathu Sinam : A stark whodunit thriller moderately translated

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