Agilan Movie Review

Agilan Movie Review

Agilan Movie Review

Actor Jayam Ravi and director Kalyanakrishnan collaborated earlier for the film ‘Boologam’ that spoke about the hard-hitting reality of how corporate world becomes a kingpin influencing the world of sports. This time, the duo attempts to take a leap into the world of harbor.

The film is about a crane operator Agilan (Jayam Ravi), who doubles up like a leader of illegal trades. However, things get awry when he locks horn with his fellow gangster. What’s the intention of Agilan? What’s his hidden mission forms the crux of this story.

Director Kalyanakrishnan is well-known for his deep and intense research about the premise he takes up. In this movie, he has tried showcasing the realistic visuals of the harbor, which we would have not seen in many movies. Special appreciations to the director for this attempt, but the problem raises with the screenwriting… All that we see from beginning till the end is characters conversing for 5 minutes, and then getting into hand-on-hand combat. The raciness completely lacks, and we don’t find anything interesting. Even the brainy moves of the protagonist goes unnoticed due to the repetitiveness. Jayam Ravi looks hefty, and his looks suit well for the role he has performed. However, there is no scope for him. The only takeaways from the star cast is Tarun Arora, and cameo appearance by Tanya. Priya Bhavani Shankar has nothing to perform in this film. Madhusudhan Rao does a neat job.

When it comes to technical aspects, the BGM by Sam CS annoys us in many places. It looks like he is still clinging to ‘Vikram Vedha’ Title song. The repetition of same music throughout the film leaves us disappointed. Camera works need appreciations for lots of efforts has been exerted. Be it the drone shot or the scenic capturing of the harbor waters, the entire department has done a neat work.

Overall, Agilan would have been an appreciable work, if director had given the same focus as his research on the screenplay. Despite having some talented actors, the film fails to impress us.

Agilan Movie Review
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Verdict: Agilan deserves appreciation for a unique story, but a better screenplay would have elevated its impact

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