Amma Kanakku Movie Review

Artists: Amala paul, Revathi, Samuthrakani, Yuvasri, Malavika, Vishal Dev, Vicky.
Producers : Dhanush – Anand L.Rai
Executive Producer: S.Vinod
Director :  Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari
Music : Isaignani  Ilayaraja
DoP : Gavemic U Ary
Editor : A.M.Raja Mohammad
Production Designer : R.K.Vijai Murugan
Story :Nitesh Tiwari
Lyrics : Na.MuthuKumar
Choreography : Baba Baskar
Production Executive : S.P.Chokkalingam
P.R.O : Riaz K Ahmed
Publicity Designs : Kabilan
Stills: Suresh


A movie about mother-daughter relationship and how a mother makes her daughter realize her dream of life makes the basic plot for the movie.

Extended Plot:

A mother’s worry about her daughter’s lack of dream and her own inability to help her in studies, makes her to take a decision which becomes one of highlight of the movie and then the flow to make her daughter realise the value of education and achieving the dream of her is beautifully portrayed in a realistic way.


Samuthrakani, though we used to see this role in his previous films, here he makes it different by his mannerisms, that looks very odd and more rigid. Throughout the movie, he has to be more strict and no portions to emote or perform well and it becomes a easy job for him. His initial portions at the school prayer makes everyone laugh.

Amala paul, film to film she is moulded well and this one, she gives complete justice to the character she has taken. Her expressions, boldness, innocence, language delivery all come out very well.

Little girl where the story revolves around her, did a very good job and acted in a very realistic way competitive to amala as a daughter and her chemistry with his mother worked out well enough. Revathi, as a supporting women, played decently.


Illayaraja, did what is required for the film and with the songs, all breezy melody numbers which looks good while watching. BGM add effective feel to the scenes.

Super Scenes:

Scenes involving school classroom galatta are fun to watch, especially the boy who shows interest towards maths, teaches both mother and daughter to get rid of the fear for maths is interesting. When Amala meets the headmaster, very first time, laugh guaranteed. Applying the formulas to real life is entertaining and it makes to remember our old times for sure.


Debut director ashwini iyer tiwari, takes a message oriented plot and develop through some interesting tricks makes it work and every mother and children can relate it and take lessons of life for sure. Few portions post interval feel little drag and a cut to be used. Be it, a feel good movie by conveying a strong message to society.

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Amma Kanakku : A mother’s struggles to fulfil her daughter’s Dream

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