Aneethi Movie Review

Aneethi Movie Review

Aneethi Movie Review

Actor Arjun Das captured the spotlights of Tamil Cinema through his versatile performances in many movies including Kaithi. He later continued to be a part of movies that exhibited his acting prowess. He has now played the lead role in director Vasantha Balan’s ‘Aneethi’. Dushara Vijayan of Sarpatta Parambarai is playing the other lead role in this movie. GV Prakash Kumar is composing music and M. Krishna Kumar is handling cinematography. Murugan Gnananvel, Varadharajan Manickam, and Vasantha Balan together have produced the film.

Thiru (Arjun Das) works as a delivery staff in a food distribution firm. He has a psychic problem – he feels like killing anyone he sees!However, when he happens to meet Subbulakshmi, this murderous tendency starts vanishing into thin air. Subbulakshmi works as a domestic nurse taking care of an elderly woman in a rich house.While the children of this aged woman are working in abroad, the story takes an unexpected turn when she passes away in an unprecedented manner.

As per his usual trend, director Vasantha Balan sets out to present the life struggle of ordinary, economically backward citizens! The presentation as such is not at all cinematic but utterly practical and he has excelled with his screenplay!

Arjun Das, who has acted in the main role in Aneethi, has displayed highly skilful acting prowess. He has transformed into an actor who can carry a film on his shoulders.

He has done brilliantly well in the emotional scenes and also in his display of anger.

Dushara Vijayan, who is the heroine of the film, presents as a girl living next door. Her performance during the second half wins our attention as she exhibits her expressive emotions as an innocuous girl in the right way.

Actor Kaali Venkat appears in a small role for a short time in the second half of the film. The affection he displays to a small boy impresses one and all. Actors Sarah and Bharani have done very well in their given roles.

The entry of the characters of actress Vanitha Vijayakumar and Arjun Chidambaram elevates the film’s momentum. As such, director Vasantha Balan has explained how the rich in society tellingly treat the poor.

The songs set to tune by G V Prakash do not turn out to be impressive. However, they sound appropriate to the situations presented in the film.

The dialogues by S K Jeevan are the strength of the movie presenting the idea that a person with authority can do anything as per his/her wish or the moral that a person who does not forgive when the person pleads for forgiveness is not a human at all are brought out well in the dialogues!

Both the cinematographer Edwin Sage and the Editor Ravikumar have rendered additional cooperation and effort in their work. Though the first half of the movie moves smoothly along without boredom, the interval happens at a crucial juncture. This tempts the viewer to watch the rest of the movie with interest.

It is worth special mentioned of the natural presentation without any cinematic effects what normal citizens do when encountering problems.

However, it would have been better probably if the needless excess violence-oriented fight scenes had been reduced.

Aneethi Movie Review
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Verdict: Yet another compelling story from Vasantha Balan. But simmering down violence a bit would have worked more wonders.

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