Annadurai Movie Review

Annadurai Movie Review

Annadurai Movie Review

Written & Direction G. Srinivasan
Producer Fatima Vijay Antony
Raadhika Sarathkumar
Cast Vijay Antony
Diana Champika
Jewel Mary
Music Vijay Antony
Cinematography Dillraj
Editor Vijay Antony
Production company R Studios
Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Running Time
150 mins

Narrating the story of Annadurai as a synopsis turns out to be a tough task. It is about turns of events that happen in the life of a person who takes up drinking after the death of his love, but gets lots of stories blended around 10-15 tracks within this movie. Even as an effort has been made to link all the 10-15 stories in the screenplay, it has come out in a highly haphazard manner for the ‘movie’ moves in multi-directions.

Vijay Antony has done a double role of twin brothers as Annadurai and Thambidurai! The elder brother has a beard – the younger one does not !That, in fact, is the only difference between the double act, as Vijay Antony had not made any efforts to distinguish the characters! In fact, he has repeated same style of dialogue delivery and body language as done in several earlier movies.

Getting on with three heroines in the film – Diana and Jewel May look as though they are Vijay Antony’s elder sisters, whereas Mahima looks like his youngest sister! To compound this, the part of the character ‘Esther’ who is not shown on the screen draws more attention than the above 3 heroines.

There are 3 villains in this double-role movie! Out of this, Radha Ravi’s role is minuscule! Nalini Kanth as Vijay Antony’s father has nothing special to perform. Kali Venkat, who acts as the hero’s friend has done a good job.

The director has attempted to work hard for somewhat meaningful dialogues. However, the dialogue does not all match with the characters shown.

It is not likely that anyone will ever forget about the signature given on an empty bond-paper to the finance lender! Some major questions like why Annadurai acts as his younger brother or what happens to Jewel Mary are not answered at all.

On the whole, Annadurai doesn’t stimulate your attention anywhere in the movie and it travels like a vague drama in directionless mode.