Ariyavan Movie Review

Ariyavan Movie Review

Ariyavan Movie Review

Filmmaker Mithran R Jawahar, who has delivered groovy entertainers like Yaaradi Nee Mohini, Uthamaputhiran, Kutty, Thiruchitrambalam and a few more movies, has directed this film ‘Ariyavan’ that has newcomer Ishaan, Pranaali Kokre and Daniel Balaji in the lead roles. In the recent times, we are coming across a slew of movies based on violence and harassment against women, and some solution on how to handle them efficiently. Ariyavan is yet another addition to this league of movies.

The film is about a Kabbadi player (Ishaan), who is in relationship with a girl (Pranaali), whose close friend is threatened by her boyfriend with a video clip of hers. Ishaan takes him for a task, and is exposed to a shocking fact that many women are being threatened with a similar situation by his group that is headed by Daniel Balaji. When both the good and bad clash, what happens next is narrated with a predictable storyline.

Ishaan looks promising as an action hero, but when it comes to expressing emotions in different situations, he remains the same. It would be better if he can focus in performances as well. Pranaali looks cute, but then her characterization is limited only to the routine girls, helping their hero boyfriend to tackle the odds. Daniel Balaji as usual delivers a similar styled performance.

The film’s technical aspects are just okay, and the screenplay looks too predictable. There are a couple of appreciable factors: The first one being the running length that is less than 2 hours, and the climax, where the hero doesn’t get into the combat with baddies, but lets the women do it.

The film owns a regular plot, and the director, writer and the entire team of actors and technicians had tried to make some betterments in the script, it would have been appreciable. And for now, Ariyavan is a middling fare.

Ariyavan Movie Review
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Verdict: Cliched story, stereotyped characters and predictable narrative makes it an average fare.

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