Aruvam Movie Review

Aruvam Movie Review
Aruvam Movie Review
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Aruvam Movie Review

DirectorSai Sekhar
Written bySai Sekhar
ProducerR. Soundarya
Deepa Iyer
Catherine Tresa
CinematographyN. K. Ekambaram
EditorPraveen K. L.
Production companyTrident Arts
Running Time133 mins

Humble request to the producers of Tamil cinema industry. Please stop making namesake movies based on sports, horror and caste issues. The cinema halls are becoming victims to such diseases, where there is nothing new in the tale including the feeble writing and narration. If ‘Horror’ movies have good markets for dubbing and satellite rights in various languages in addition to the current Digital streaming, please go for the originals and don’t chisel the audiences.

Aruvam starts with a mediocre first half, where it is nothing short off an amateur writing and dim narration. The actual gripping moments occur by second half, but that is short lived. The major highlight of the film is just the flashback portions. Siddarth is a sensible actor and it makes us wonder what actually made him sign this project. It looks like he wants to score in the commercial mass zone and his attempts are going terribly wrong. We have nothing blame on his performance for he is perfect and colossal with his show. But such a flimsy tale with nothing bigger to get enthralled is a huge disappointment. Sai Suresh has crafted a story based on good concept, but the writing and characterizations look totally disgusting. It is very much evident with the prologue before title credits.

SS Thaman is talented and proved his prodigious work in BGM of Magamuni, but it happens most of the time that he plays tricks in other league of movies. The entire movie has the touch of ‘Sketch’ BGM and there’s nothing special out here.

Still wondering, what’s the point of having Catherine Tresa in this film? Her character of being physically challenged without sense of smell has been intentionally added so that she starts smelling all with the ghost power, which had something to do with ‘Smelling’ job when alive.

Sorry to say! Aruvam leaves you totally disappointed, disgusted and restless by the first half itself. Thanks to Siddarth’s performance in flashback (He isn’t playing lead role, but an extended cameo) for saving us from irritation with his acting.

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Aruvam Movie Review
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Verdict: A disastrous first half, considerably okay flashback and overall, a good concept and actors wasted with a poor writing.

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