Aruvi Music Review

Aruvi Music Review

Aruvi Music Review

Dream Warrior Pictures has been constantly involved in the production of top-notch exceptional films. Following ‘Joker’, it gears up for yet another magnum opus titled ‘Aruvi’, which marks the debut of Arun Prabhu Purushothaman as director. Aditi Balan, a lawyer by profession is playing the role of Aruvi. Bindhumalini and Vedant have composed music for this film.

1. Baby Track (Kukkotti Kunaatti)
Singers: Vedant Bharadwaj, Bindhumalini & Praniti
Lyricist: Kutti Revathi

The music directors have taken scrutinizing efforts in getting the tune so much metaphorical with touch of baby. The Acapella kind of rendition is experienced with pinch, while instrumentals too have its realms. The singers Bindhumalini, Vedant Bharadwaj and Praniti have rendered the song with more emphasis on clarity of music.

2. Teen Track (Asaindhadum Mayil)
Singer: Bindhumalini
Lyricist: Oothakkaadu Venkata Subbaiyer

This is almost like an instrumental song, where major portions are dominated by Bass guitar, Trumpet. While the lines of Asaindhadum Mayil are limited only to certain duration, most of the song is dominated by the instrumentals, which could get more spotlights with the visuals. Not to miss the right use of accordion, which comes the latter portion of song and it adds up more scintillating touch.

3. Liberty song (Cement Kaadu)
Singer: Bindhumalini
Lyricist: Kutti Revathi & Arun Prabu Purushothaman

Following the phase of childhood and teenage, what every being seeks is liberation from the confinements that society has established. The need to break it becomes the main task. Such happens to be the central theme of this song, which is yet again crooned by Bindhumalini. The lyrical lines by Kutti Revathi and filmmaker Arun Prabhu Purushothaman add more clarity to the song.

4.Party song (Uchcham thodum Anbin Kodi)
Singers: Bindhumalini, Vasu Dixit
Lyricist: Kutti Revathi

Party songs usually have a same pattern of musical rendition, but Bindhumalini along with Vendant has intentionally taken imparted a different experience. The beginning moments of the song travel with a substantial mode followed by best rendition by Vasu Dixit getting us os much adhered to the song.

5. Hope (Merku Karaiyil)
Singers: Bindhumalini, Vedant Bharadwaj
Lyricist: Arun Prabhu Purushothaman

So much of compassion and love is found in plethora with this song. Hats off to Arun Prabhu for conceptualizing a beautiful song that brims us up with decorous emotions. The mild works on guitar are so much amazing and the clarity of vocalism giving more importance to lyrics gets a much splendiferous impact.

6. Aruvi theme (Moods of Aruvi)
Singer: Bindhumalini

Having termed every song with unique flavour of Aruvi, this one turns to be a collage of all essence blended together. The kind of composing remains same in all the songs and both the music directors could have tried on different genres rather than sticking to a similar one.

The songs will definitely get its realms after its gets played with the visuals. It happens for certain albums that will click after the release of movies. Definitely, Aruvi is one among them and it will click aftermath the release. But the musical effort of entire team is worthy of appreciations.