Asuran Movie Review

Asuran Movie Review
Asuran Movie Review
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Asuran Movie Review

Written byVetrimaaran
Manju Warrier
Prakash Raj
Ken Karunas
MusicG.V. Prakash Kumar
Production companyV Creations
Running Time141 mins

Asuran marks the fourth collaboration of Dhanush and Vetrimaaran for the fourth time. Produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu, the film features Dhanush, Manju Warrier, Pasupathi, Teeja, Ken Karunas, Aadukalam Naren, Pawan and few more prominent actors.


Having lost his elder brother (Teejay) to a merciless and gruesome murder by the rich landlords, his younger brother (Ken Karunaas) slays back the person (Aadukalam Naren) in vengeance. With the entire community on the run to take away his life, the father (Dhanush) is on the run to save his son. But none, even his son doesn’t know the true colour and deep buried past of his father.


Simply mentioning that Dhanush is extraordinary would be a stereotypical term. But there is something special about his role here. To play the spouse of Manju Warrier and father of 3 children with his youthful image would have been a real challenge. But we don’t tend to notice such mismatches anywhere and that’s the magical screen presence of Dhanush. The next absolute showstoppers are Ken Karunaas, who will definitely walk away with some accolades and Arunasalam Teejay will get huge offers from now. Manju Warrier’s emoting nature is just astonishing. Nice to see Pasupathi in a full-stretched role after a long time.

Story, Screenplay & Dialogues:

First and foremost, the greatest plus of Asuran is the story being adapted from a novel. There has always been an issue with the story in Tamil cinema, where the directors try to write the stories on their own and fail in presenting them properly. However, this one is a smart move, where Vetrimaaran has proficiently focused on his directorial skills. Naturally, his screenwriting in associatio0n with Manimaran is yet another plus. It takes us slightly into the reminiscence of Polladhavan flashback narration mode, but just a little tint. Dialogues by the end of film are really appreciable.

Technical aspects:

GV Prakash is back with a bang! It’s not with songs, but BGM. He is still more capable of delivering commendable songs. Yes, Asuran boasts of good numbers, but this is not his limit, but he excels tremendously with the BGM. The ‘Blood Bath’ track works out extremely well for the mass avatar of Dhanush. Cinematography deserves special mention. To capture the barren lands under hot sun without causing any adverse condition to the viewers is a big challenge and it has been done perfectly. Editing plays a perfect companion to the screenwriters’ vision and the transitions are neatly done.


What would have been a raw and rustic tale as regularly made by Vetrimaaran surprisingly becomes engaging and worth watching for the tickets we buy. Even the violent scenes are justified and the film has a proper beginning, middle and end.

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Asuran Movie Review
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Verdict: Well written tale and excellent presented drama with nuance performances and hard-hitting message by end.

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