Asuravadham Movie Review

Asuravadham Movie Review

Asuravadham Movie Review

Direction Maruthupandian
Writer Maruthupandian
Producer Leela Lalitkumar
Cast M. Sasikumar
Nandita Swetha
Music Govind Menon
Cinematography S. R. Kathir
Editor R.Govindaraj
Production company Seven Screen Studios
Running Time 122 mins
Release Date 28th June 2018


With the promising visual promos and trailers, it was pretty clear that Asuravadham is going to be the one that every ‘Thriller’ movie buffs would enjoy. In all likelihood, we are never disappointed in this aspect for the first hour and even the episodes that arrive in post-intermission. There is so much of depth and intensity over the screenplay, where director Maruthupandian has excelled completely. Can you ever imagine a protagonist appearing only 15 minutes after the show begins and yet another unparalleled highlight is that he doesn’t have lengthy dialogues and they are so limited, which is first of its kind from his store…

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The characterizations are so limited and yet the narration involving them is done with decorous panache. Just imagine an entire first half revolving around just 3 characters, it’s completely amazing. The action sequences are outstanding and the way Kathir has pictured gives an awesome experience. Maruthupandian has packaged the film with intact formulae, where he avoids unwanted comedy tracks and dialogues. The film has just one song that too as a montage and 130 minutes is pretty racy. But on the flip side, there are few diminishing factors, The flashback sequences are too short and the director could have used some space to intensify the emotions to justify the protagonist’s wild nature and gruesome motive.

The action sequences are outstanding and the way Kathir has pictured gives an awesome experience

The technical aspects are so much enthralling, where the cinematography by Kathir is so much praiseworthy. Govind Menon of Thaikudam Bridge Brand has evolved as independent music director with this film. Nevertheless, throughout the film, the background score seems to be confined to his routine zone of distorted guitars in fast mode. Although, it has powerful effect in many places, it turns out to be hackneyed after certain point of time.

With performance, it’s Sasikumar stealing the show. This is completely a different avatar for the actor, where he remains so much silent throughout the film, but stuns with action sequences and emotions. Nandita Swetha appears in very little portions. Vasumithra stands out as a major pillar on par with Sasikumar.

Overall, Asuravadham keeps the audiences engrossed to a greater stretch, but if it had established few stronger elements to justify the emotional connect, it would have been more engaging.