Avatar The Way of Water Movie Review

Avatar: The Way of Water Movie Review

Avatar: The Way of Water Movie Review

Filmmaker James Cameron returns 13 years after endowing global audiences with an impeccable masterpiece Avatar (2009). The second installment Avatar: The Way of Water commutes audiences back into the world of Pandora, this time it’s touring different lands including a water village.

Years after the evacuation of antagonists from Pandora, Jake Sully and Neytiri have started their family life with kids. The couple continues to protect the land and everything looks picture-perfect until the sky people are back. Jake has to regroup his allies and fight back the notorious groups, who have arrived to plunder the planet and kill him.

The most fascinating part about the film is its running length of 3 hours 15 minutes, and guess what? You’ll walk out of the theaters with the experience of watching a 140mins show. James Cameron and his team of writers have implemented their writing smartly. A few minutes into the movie, we are introduced to the conflict, and one might start wondering what’s gonna happen for the next 3 hours. However, James brings up a visual treat by letting us witness a never-seen-before visual experience. The 25 minutes underwater sequence with family members of Jake bonding with nature and creatures offers surreal magic with eye-moistening moments. The remaining portions are invested into the clash of the good and bad. Even these sequences are filmed very well, and the surprise element is one big creature (Don’t want to be a spoiler here. So you guys find out on the big screens). However, a slight drag could be felt in the climax portion, but that doesn’t hamper the colossal impact of this movie. The opening ending leading to the next part is convincing.

The Motion capture performances and the visual effects are far more brilliant than in the first part. Of course, a lots of technological advancements have occurred in these 13 years, which elevated the stature of this movie to a greater degree.

Overall, Avatar: The Way of Water is an absolute enthrallment for audiences, who waited for many years. It offers 100% satisfaction for the tickets you pay.

Avatar: The Way of Water Movie Review
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Verdict: Leaves you spellbound with enriched visuals and emotions.

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