Balle Vellaiya Theva Music Review

Balle Vellaiya Theva Music Review

Having a good reception with the album ‘Kidaari’, music director Darbuka Siva tries to get his second collaboration with Sasikumar in ‘Balle Vellaiya Theva’. The film is directed by debut filmmaker Solai Prakash and is produced by Sasikumar’s home banner with Tanya playing the female lead and Kovai Sarala in an important role.
Aasai Theera Aadikalam
Singers: Sathya Prakash, Kovai Sarala

As the makers clearly made it a point that it’s a comedy caper, so it is obvious with the first track, where it comes up without any power pumping emotional scores as it happens in Sasikumar’s movie songs… There isn’t much emphasizing on musical pattern by Darbuka as it was in the introductory song of ‘Kidaari’, but this will have its time with the rural cohorts. Sathya Prakash gives an impressive spell, but it’s witty sort of lines by Kovai Sarala that gets a brownie point.

Balle Vellaiya Theva
Singers: Sathya Prakash, Shilpa Natarajan

It’s a simple attempt by Darbuka, where the song is catchy in few places, but has middling impact overall. There happens to be some appreciative part in the quotients of musical components, but its okay for now. Maybe, it could get it ways with some trademark visuals as in Sasikumar movies.

Kan Vachutta
Singers: Haricharan, Sanjana Kalmanje

Very simple instrumentals that gets a mix of mild voices and it might not be the sweetest one for the initial stages. Maybe, it could be a better hit in accordance to performance of signers during the happy hours and gradually gain the impact with the visuals. The makers should release this song as the promo before the release and this can work out better results.
Balle Vellaiya Thevaa (Club Mix)

It comes with the same singers, but nothing much to be appreciative and it has some additional mixes.

Overall, Kidaari had some best numbers from Siva and it was even beautifully shot through the visuals. This one might not be as best as the debut of Siva, but it could gradually hit the center of attraction through ‘Kan Vachutta’ followed by other numbers.