Beast Movie Review

Beast Movie Review

Beast Movie Review

Sun Pictures’ ‘Beast’ featuring Vijay in the lead role is directed by Nelson (Kolamaavu Kokila, Doctor).

Veera Raghavan (Vijay), who has quit the RAW service due to an unforeseen incident during his mission, is requested by NSA to save the hostages inside the hijacked shopping mall, where he is coincidentally present. The movie is about his brainy and brawny moments, where he tries to tackle the situation smartly.

It’s Vijay’s show all the way. The movie looks more like a portfolio of the star’s perfect physique and his flexibility. One might wonder, what could have been the reason behind Vijay choosing this movie. It was illustrious with his previous movie ‘Master’, where he leaped away from the routine masala-styled movies that eventually garnered him a good response as well. With ‘Beast’, he tries to make yet another experiment, by refraining from the regular prototyped moments in his erstwhile movies. To be precise, the movie has just a couple of songs. It is noteworthy that director Nelson isn’t a more song-based screenwriter, which has been noticeable in his previous movies as well. With ‘Beast’ completely inclined to an overdose of action sequences, the family audiences might feel a little complex after a certain extent. However, Nelson tries to relax them by using the supporting artistes to indulge in comedy. Nonetheless, what we expected by looking at the star cast comprising majorly of comedians doesn’t get fulfilled here. VTV Ganesh alone tickles our funny bones. Yogi Babu, Redin, Sunil, and other actors, who contributed a greater humorous factor in Doctor fail to impress here. When it comes to the casting of supporting actors, Nelson has done commendable work, by picking director Selvaraghavan for a particular character. His role doesn’t have a single combination with actor Vijay, and yet, he keeps the audience engrossed throughout his portions. The other actors including Pooja Hedge are merely junior artists.

On the whole, Vijay’s attempt to break his regular pattern is appreciable. He is gradually trying to step out of his comfort zone with the desire to exhibit his acting proficiency in different avatars. However, director Nelson could have made the movie look entertaining by balancing the action and entertainment moments together.

Just imagine a movie based on hijacking, and a great star like Vijay is the protagonist. Everything looks easily predictable, but the great challenge goes with the director’s ability to present it. Since the entire movie is set against the backdrops of a single location, there are many chances to get distracted, and director Nelson tries to make it entertaining, but only to a certain extent.

The theme music gets repeated often, and we get tired of it after a certain point of time. The action sequences are a plus in this movie.

On whole, Beast is a tailor-made treat for Vijay fans. If the action sequences were slightly reduced, and the duration was trimmed, it would have been much more engrossing.

Beast Movie Review
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Verdict: A delight for Vijay fans, but the dosage of action sequences could have been reduced along with the running length.

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