Bhooloham Movie Review

Bhooloham Movie Review

Director : N. Kalyanakrishnan
Producer : Viswanathan Ravichandran
Written : S. P. Jananathan
Cast : Jayam Ravi | Trisha | Prakash Raj | Nathan Jones | Ponvannan | Narayan
Music : Srikanth Deva
Cinematography : S. R. Sathish Kumar
Editor : V. T. Vijayan | N. Ganeshkumar
Production company : Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd
Running Time : 143 minutes

There are two scenes that actually define what this film is all about. The one involving the arguments between Jayam Ravi and Prakash Raj during the second hour, where the deals are revealed and the complete portion involving the conniving plans of corporate world is a real eye opener to the rural audiences, who would haven’t know yet about the gimmicks played by the reality TV shows to increase TRPs and gain more sponsors.

Bhooloham (Jayam Ravi) and his opponent are sent into the box rings to sort out their past feuds between the families, which is indirectly taken a card of token to promote the tournament on TV channel by the owner (Prakash Raj) and later one at National and International level. But what happens to be the real fight isn’t inside the rings, but for the protagonist to reveal the evil plans of the satellite channel CEO.

Jayam Ravi is extraordinary with his performance that comes with flawlessness. It’s an additional attraction as the delayed release hits the screens right after the blockbuster hit ‘Thani Oruvan’. Trisha is cool and gorgeous and probably she spends most of the time showing off her skin in the name of tattoos. Are the audiences still dumb to come theatres for this purpose? Why do this, when there is a ‘Good Content’ in the backdrops and it looks gaudy. Prakash Raj is the best one to steal the show with his outstanding performance as baddie. His dialogue deliveries and performance is brilliant. Others in the cast have done what is offered to them.

The songs by Srikanth Deva doesn’t appeal to the audiences, but cinematography and editing, especially not just boxing sequences, but through the film with crispiness keep the film intact.

If certain stereotypical dramatic elements in the film were avoided, Bhooloham would have been a realistic portrayal of what the most contemporary TV channels are often indulged for the sake of commercialism and capital incomings. How the innocuous sportsmen and participants in any shows are used as pawns for the personal gain of proprietors has been captured intensely by the filmmaker Kalyana Krishnan and dialogues by SP Jhananathan are the absolute positive aspects. On the flip side, few dragging sequences should have been replaced with new innovative narratives.

Pros : 

1. Breathtaking efforts by Jayam Ravi
2. Prakash Raj representing the millions of corporate kingpins
3. Dialogues by SP Jhananathan with realistic touch

Cons : 

1. Some sequences are stereotypical
2. Trisha sequences are mostly wasted with ‘Tattoo’ show offs, which looks like a purposely insertion for sake of ‘Commercial Crowd Puller’

Bhooloham Movie Review
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Verdict – Raw, Realistic, but could have avoided too much of messages

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