Bruce Lee Review

Bruce Lee Tamil Movie Review

Bruce Lee Tamil Movie Review

Writer & Director : Prasanth Pandiraj
Producer : J. Selvakumar, P. Ravichandran, G. Vittal Kumar
Cast : G.V. Prakash Kumar, Kriti Kharbanda
Music : G.V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : P. V. Shankar
Editor : Pradeep E. Ragav, G. Manoj Gyann
Production company : Kenanya Films, PK Film Factory
Running Time : 124 mins

If one question has to be raised upon director Prashanth Pandiarajan is that what is actual story of ‘Bruce Lee’ and what does he want to convey the audiences here. So much of confusions and the flimsy writing ruins down our experience by the first initial moments itself. We do find the Goofy scientist like character manufacturing something like a time bomb that gets stuck with the timer of 10 minutes, which will travels till the end of show. But then, as we guess out whether it could be something like a time machine or probably a fantasy instrument, there is nothing such attributes and when you find out what’s that actually by the end, it is going to be a yet more frustration.

If you’re keen on getting to know about the film’s plot, it’s not possible to convey it. A ridiculous don like Godfather (Munishkanth) is clicked mysteriously by Bruce Lee (GV Prakash) that turns out to be a blatant proof over the murder of a reigning politician (Mansoor Ali Khan). In turn, Godfather kidnaps Bruce Lee’s girlfriend (Kriti Kharbanda) threatening him to return back the proof (Camera). Rest is narrated with the attempts of making a trial and error comedy based film, which fails out on its earliest start up zone.

Even this is a comedy script, Prashanth should have got hold an intriguing narration and some convincing characterizations. At few places, we see the ridiculous nature of Munishkanth that doesn’t create humour but instead infuriates us unconditionally. On the other end, we see the extended version of GV Prakash from Trisha illana Nayantara, where he can’t stop cuddling Kriti Kharbanda. The girl from Bollywood known for her exotically gorgeous looks doesn’t get a proper debut through this film. Instead, she is seen in a much immature role that doesn’t make sense anywhere. Bala Saravanan tries to evoke comedy in few parts, but fails terribly. For some time, Naan Kadavul Rajendran can been barred from the routine hilarious roles, where he isn’t offered anything special other than aping dialogues and songs of superstars. Anand Raj is completely wasted here with a feeble characterization.

GV Prakash’s songs are not worthy of appreciations, but he has given some best with his background score. Cinematography is appreciable in places, where the cameraman has tried capturing the ordinary locations with some special colours.

On the whole, Bruce Lee turns out to be a disappointing film that might appeal to rural audiences in few places, but it might not be considered at least as an average fare with our analysis.