Burma Movie Review

[ Note : Spoilers included ]

Cast – Michael Thangadurai, Reshmi Menon, Atul Kulkarni , Sampath Raj, Madhu Raghuram, Sharath Kumar, Deepak Paramesh
Music – Sudharshan M Kumar
Cinematographer – Yuva
Editing – Vivek Harshan
Direction – Dharanidharan

Movie theme itself an attractive one “car seizing” where one can easily expect a lot to offer in terms of seize plan, creative ideas, planning, thrill, murder etc. Do you think, is all these things can be executed very well by a debutant director?

When you think of black theme stories, sambath & atul will perfectly match for any kind and in these too, they are portrayed very well in their roles. Michael(burma), a young new addition compete well with the other lead and one cant say this is his first feature film by seeing his acting in lead role. Reshmi, a cute one who resembles so many known faces of kollywood, just to show as heroine and not much scenes to perform.

There are few innovative new ideas which impress audience and make it to say a vow. Top angle shot from windmill, a lip-lock of lead pair where they show karthick who just drinks a soda with straw at that time, burma’s ringtone of kamal voice, alavanthan technique to fuse current etc to say few from them.

There are so many tracks in parallel where all interconnects by a BMW car.


Burma who works for Atul got a new mission to seize 28 vehicles. First seize was shown in brief (though no planning/detailed plot shown). From next upto 27, shown in fast-forward mode with a song. In-between, slow motion shots, tricks, stylish burma all in a racy moments. There comes a last one to seize a luxury vehicle – BMW


A robbery gang planning to rob money from a Bank security van while crossing a railway gate at a highway. Women(clara) as a lead in the gang with heavy dark makeup where she has been portrayed along with drinks, cigar, needle etc to show the characterization of a back door rowdy girl. They plan to escape in a BMW after the van robbery.


After burma seized the 28th BMW car, he rushed to handover to atul. while going, a lady(client of clara) suddenly fall down into the car from top and the team shocked like anything and took her inside to help. There the real thrill started, while a police van crossed and they hide car somewhere in a bush. Meantime that lady already dead inside the car and burma quickly hide her around the place and while turn back, car will not be there in the place. INTERVAL… Really an engaging scene for interval block and also boomer(karthick) comedy and reaction in face make us to laugh even in the thrill scene.


Reshmi and Michael were shown as a couple while introducing so there is no lagging scenes to detail their love story. Yet, in this racy crime thriller, romance portions not at all needed since they occupy two slow songs while the movie is in grip. When burma said to atul, that BMW was stolen by somebody, he didnt believe and tootook her lover in his custody and asked to comeback with BMW.


Sambath, who went to jail for 1 yr because of Burma, comeback to revenge him. A little flashback of how michel planned to send him to prison is a good one and the same sambath do for michael in the later part is a good thinking. He targeted the BMW to seize from michael and gave it to local car seizer broker for money. There a song for him which is unnecessary as it is a real show stopper for the movie.


A local car seizer broker, who supply cars illegaly for money. Clara team gets the same BMW from him for his escape plan. Inbetween, a photographer who planned to rob money from clara after she rob from security van. He inturn join with michael to seize that BMW to get that money.

So all scenes runs for the same BMW and how it interconnects at one point and what happens at the end is a racy thriller. There are so many parallel tracks, with that one can expect wonders with the twists and turns by engaging audience. But here its not the case, though screenplay was good, its not engaging well due to lagging scenes then and there. Even the length of the movie (90 mins) is a major plus, with that audience look for really fast mode, yet not to miss detailing of the scenes but this movie has lag in that portion only. Detailing was not enough to show the seize plans (that will make audience to engage), character introduction and scenes were clumsy and not in the right place.

BGM was very good and it apt for the theme of the movie but songs were not catchy and nothing will be in your mind while coming out of the movie.

Everything in the movie is a plus in terms of cast, theme, length, cinematography but yet lags in the way it was presented and few dragging scenes which in turn affect the flow of the movie. A very bold attempt for a debutant director.

Burma – ” Bold Attempt by a debutant “

Our rating ––>  3/5

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