Captain Movie Review

Captain Movie Review

Captain Movie Review

Actor Arya’s latest outing ‘Captain’ features him in the lead role, and he has produced the movie for his home banner – The Show People in association with Think Studios. The film is directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan and has Simran playing an important character alongside Aishwarya Lekshmi.

The story revolves around Captain Vetri (Arya) and his team, who embark on a mission to fight against the evil alien forces that pose a threat to human race in the thick forests of North Eastern India.

First things First! Actor Arya’s choice of movies in the past couple of years has been pretty commendable. From picking up a Rom-Com tale like Ghajinikanth followed by Sarpatta Parambarai, and Teddy (With the same director Shakti Soundar Rajan), he managed to pull it off perfectly by giving his best into his characterizations. Yes, we do see him performing some exceptionally brilliant stunts in the climax act, but unlike the previous movies, where his hard work was so visible and appreciable, this one remains a mediocre. Nothing to blame the actor, but the writing, which looks so plain…

There’s always a beauty and challenge involved in the genre of ‘Sci-Fi Thriller’, especially with the premise of Man Vs Alien. The beauty is the tale will impress you even with the predictabilities, and the challenge is to keep the audiences engaged. The two years of Lockdown has exposed the Indian audiences to several movies and series of this genre. Well, even that doesn’t hamper the impression of ‘Captain’, but the screenwriting alone. Of course Shakti has placed some interesting moments. Say for instance, there is a particular scene in the second half, where Arya reveals a secret to his team that they already know the real location, but except him, everyone forgot it. If there were 4-5 scenes of this paradigm, it would have been an engaging spell.

The first 30 minutes of the movie doesn’t add any value to the film and the two songs are totally unwanted. D Imman’s theme music, we hear during the title credits is awesome. The cinematography is good, and the VFX team has tried delivering a good output in spite of budget constraints.

Overall, Captain is watchable for decent attempt, but with a better screenwriting, the movie would have been a pioneer in creating new trend across South Indian cinema.

Captain Movie Review
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Verdict: A decent attempt, but could have been better

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