Cobra Music Review

Cobra Music Review

Cobra Music Review

Actor Vikram starrer “Cobra”, directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu features musical score by AR Rahman…. The Vikram-Rahman duo has worked a magical stroke from the early 90s to the current decade. Let us check out how well ‘Cobra’ album engrosses us.

Thumbi Thullal
Vocals: Shreya Ghosal & Nakul Abhyankar
Lyrics: Vivek

From the prelude on Santoor to the Malayalam chorus, Shreya Ghoshal’s mellifluous vocalism to almost everything, the song distinctly rules our attention. In few places, you might get faint traces of ARR’s evergreen classic number ‘Nenjinile’ from Uyire, but that could be merely because of the similar package of a wedding song with Malayalam lyrics. However, Thumbi Thullal is so much engrossing and Shreya Ghoshal’s impeccable stroke of shifting through different octaves at an ease is splendiferous.

Adheera Adheera
Singer – Vagu Mazan
Rap written and performed by thoughtsfornow
Lyrics – Pa Vijay

The song endorses the magnanimous avatar of the protagonist, and it has been delivered with the power-packed appeal. It’s been a long time, AR Rahman stepped into this domain, and he leaves us enchanted with his resplendent package. The female vocal by Vagu Mazan turns to be the soul of this movie, and the rap episodes by thoughstfornow are the icing on the cake.

Uyir Urugudhey
Vocal: AR Rahman
Lyrics: Thamarai

If we could pick out one of the best soulful melodic numbers composed and crooned by AR Rahman, it would be ‘New York Nagaram’. Precisely, this song looks like the best companion to it as ARR brings in an emotional melody with his voice rendition. The mild instrumentals and an outstanding sound mixing endows as a pleasant experience. AR Rahman has now adapted a new style of superimposing a song from the other track in the same album. It was earlier noticed in his Hindi composing ‘Tamasha’ followed by ‘Iravin Nizhal’ and now Cobra. The verses ‘Uyir Urugudhey’ is borrowed from the flute outro portion from Thumbi Thullal song.

Singers – Sarthak Kalyani, Mira Sengupta
Lyrics – Thamarai

The song opens with the chorus of word ‘Tharangini’ that slightly reminds us of the prelude chorus from ‘Hey Maanbuyir Mangaye’ from his ‘Guru’. Well, the similarity ends here, and the song offers so much energy and excitement to the listeners. Mira’s vocal in the interlude is outstanding, and Sarthak does a neat work. The rhythm portions are excellently done.

Yele Ilanchigamey
Singer: Rakshita Suresh
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

A lullaby is the purest form of emotion, and it gets even better with the score of AR Rahman. The song is good, but might find its escalation with the visuals. Rakshita has done a neat job.

Overall, Cobra can be regarded as the strikingly spectacular comeback for AR Rahman in the commercial zone. Among 5 songs, three of them – Thumbi Thullal, Uyir Uruguthey & Adheera turn out to be instant hits followed by Tharangini as slow poison.

Verdict: AR Rahman’s spectacular spell yet again exhibited
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Verdict: AR Rahman’s spectacular spell yet again exhibited

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