Coffee with Kadhal Movie Review

Coffee with Kadhal Movie Review

Coffee with Kadhal Movie Review

Filmmaker Sundar C’s flair for getting inspired by Bollywood films and songs has earned him decent results in a few films. Grasping the traces of Kabhi Aliva Na Kehna, Kapoor & Sons, and a few more that he might reveal himself in the near future, Sundar C attempts to deliver a feel-good breezy rom-com.

The story traverses through the engagement-to-marriage phase in a family, where three brothers – Elder Ravi (Srikanth), Saravanan (Jiiva), and Kathir (Jai) have relationship issues. How they sort out the issues and mend their broken hearts and ways form the crux of this story.

The film is about three brothers in a family along with a younger sister (played by anchor DD). Yes, the film looks colorful, and there are many combination scenes involving them. But they all look like friends rather than siblings. This turns out to be a little hampering element in this movie. There isn’t a single emotional scene between the brothers. At times, we come across DD imparting some valuable moral lessons to her brothers, but still, it doesn’t look like a family bonding.

Actor Jiiva is known for his natural and spontaneous performance. He keeps driving his role efficiently. Actor Jai looks so clueless in most of the scenes. Actor Srikanth is a surprise winner here. Amrita Iyer does what is required for her role. Malavika gleams with the glamorous appeal, but still, her way of emoting needs an enhancement. Raiza Wilson doesn’t get more scope to perform. Samyuktha as a homemaker is good with performance. Aishwarya Dutt’s character itself doesn’t have any intensity to the script. It looks like Sundar C had an idea that bringing in lots of glamorous women into the picture will make up 70% of entertainment factors followed by 20% by Yogi Babu-Kingsley humour. The humour rarely works in a few places, and Yogi Babu’s multiple-act doesn’t tickle your funny bones.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s musical score is too mediocre. Cinematography is appreciable in parts.

Sundar C always attempts to be a passable entertainer with B and C league actors. He has attempted the same with Coffee with Kadhal, where neither emotions, romance nor comedy works out. If the film had a few more emotional elements among the characters, it would have enhanced the value of this film.

Coffee with Kadhal Movie Review
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Verdict: Not so impressive. Entertaining in very few parts

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