Darling Movie Review

It’s about three youths who decide to commit suicide and go to a beach house to die, unaware that the place was already hunted by a ghost. The happenings inside the house and the motive of the ghost frames the rest of the story. Darling is an official remake of Telugu film ‘Prema Katha Chitram’.

G.V.Prakash debut as an actor, though his first film as an actor was PENCIL, the one which released is Darling. Surprisingly his performance is very good. Perfect dubbing with emotions and voice modulations. He need to concentrate on the body language. Film doesn’t give any scope to showcase his dancing skills. On the whole, its a perfect debut for GVP.

Nikki Galrani as the lead lady/ghost. She delivers a brilliant performance. Its happy to see an actress who really has good acting skills. She looks beautiful and dances well. Another cute girl Shrusti shows up just in one song. Supporting characters Balasaravanan and Karunas, both did very good job. Its a comeback film for Karunas. Bala’s one liners are funny.

Apart from the above mentioned 4 main characters here comes Rajendran as ‘Ghost Gopal Varma’, his introduction with Thupakki film BGM deserves special applause. Though he is there in the film for just 5 mins, he marks his presence strong. ‘Madras’ Kalaiarasan plays an important role. Kudos for director for this fresh casting.

Music composer is G.V.Prakash, Beautiful songs and nice BGM boosts the film to next level. Film has total 5 songs, in which 4 songs fills the first half. First song is ‘vandha mala..’ sung by Ghana bala which shows the 3 youths having fun time & also Karunas intro, followed by the beautiful song ‘Anbe anbe..’ as flashback and then ‘Sattena Idi mazhai..’.First half ends with mesmerizing song ‘unnale..’. Post interval has only one song ‘Un vizhigalil’. Good cinematography and Editing.

Director is debut Sam Anton. He tries not to spoil the original by doing any change to the script. Its a scene by scene copy with few changes made to suite Tamil audience. Movie is touted to be a horror comedy, but actual result is No horror, less comedy. Dialogues are well written, most of them are inspired from online memes. Film duration is crisp 2 hours which is a major plus.Film makes you laugh at parts.