Dasvi Movie Review

Dasvi Movie Review

Dasvi Movie Review

Abhishek Bachchan has carried an extraordinary potential that always works out when he is on the right project. Some of his big-budgeted flicks have bombed, but instead, his flicks with unique plots have worked wonders. Dasvi is definitely yet another pure exemplification of this statement.

The movie premiered on Jio Cinemas and Netflix is a comedy-drama laced with some intriguing themes of social message revolving around the educational system. The film features Yami Gautham and Nirmat Kaur as the female lead characters.

When a corrupt politician (Abhishek Bachchan) is arrested for corruption and scam, his wife (Nirmat Kaur) becomes the accidental CM. During his prison sentence, his wife becomes so addicted to the power that she doesn’t want to give it up for her spouse again. Meanwhile, things get heated up between the politician and the newly appointed superintendent of police (Yami Gautham). Urged by situations, the politician decides to clear his 10th standard examinations, and what unfolds next is a series of life-changing transformations that he encounters.

Filmmaker Tushar comes up with simple writing that doesn’t take you through intense moments. The moments are very light, and hilarious, and the message doesn’t get too preachy except for the final moments. Abhishek Bachchan easily executes such roles, and he makes good use of this characterization. Yami Gautham has given her best in the characterization. The bonding between two characters is nicely written, where it stands between the line of love and affection. It really needs a perfect mind to sketch such characters and director Tushar excels. Nirmat takes a cakewalk with her characterization.

On whole, Dasvi is a breezy time pass entertainer that you can enjoy when watched without expectations.

Dasvi Movie Review
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Verdict: A casual and breezy entertainer with some lively moments

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