DEAR Movie Review

DEAR Movie Review

DeAr as the title signifies has a couple of relevance to the tale: One being the Rom-Com element and the other one is about first two letters of the lead pair Deepika and Arjun. Director Anand Ravichandran comes up with a story that indirectly preaches that marriage is a communion of two souls and for the beautiful relationship to work, they have to compromise, sacrifice and create mutual respect. Arjun is a journalist, who has a lifestyle that mainly revolves around 8 hours of good and sound sleep. On the other end, there is Deepika, the beloved daughter from a family in Ooty. She is good at heart, but what turns out to be a barricade in getting her married is the snoring issue. When both get hitched, hell breaks loose as Arjun cannot accept the upheavals that he will have to go through every night. What unfolds next is the chain of events that the couple have to undergo, which will test their relationship standards.

Director Anand has come up with a story that looks natural in many places, and it has the essence of audiences resonating to it as well. On the other end, there are few moments, which looks slightly exaggerated, which the writing department should have paid little attention in fine-tuning. The first half has light and entertaining moments, which offers an engrossing moment. In the second hour, there are little sluggish moments, which gets rectified towards the end.

GV Prakash Kumar and Aishwarya Rajesh have done a good job with their performances, and both have given their best for their respective characters. Kaali Venkat, who plays Aishwarya Rajesh’s sister is the commendable attraction in this movie. The others have done what is required for their roles.

Technically, the BGM and cinematography is good, but the songs could have been better.

DeAr is a decent fare for the youngsters and family crowds. Yes, the little traces of ‘Good Night’ might haunt you now and then, but then, the story deviates totally into a different terrain.

DEAR Movie Review
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Verdict: Light-hearted entertainer that keeps you engaged

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