Demonte Colony Movie Review

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Story & Direction : R.Ajay Gnanamuthu
Produced by : M.K.Tamilarasu
Screenplay : R.Ajay Gnanamuthu
Cast : Arulnithi
Music : Keba Jeremiah
Cinematography : Aravinnd Singh
Music Label : Orange Music
Editing : Bhuvan Srinivasan
Production company : Sri Thenandal Films, Mohana Movies

We all know the hunted place named Demonte colony in Chennai, but not the exact story behind the name. Film shows a clear picture for this question. Why the place is hunted and who is behind that; what happens when four friends visit the hunted house and steel a chain; How ghost visits them; do they live or die has shown in the movie.

Four main male characters named Srinivasan, Raghavan, Vimal and Sajith. Arunlnithi as Srini, he tries his best to emote and he perfectly fits in the role. His performance is too good in few scenes. His dialogue delivery and body language are not so convincing. He has shown improvement in dancing. No heroine for him. Appreciate his guts to accept this multi-starrer script.

One who steals the show is the guy named Raghavan in the film. His performance is so matured and expressions are apt. Next to him is Ramesh Thilak, who delivers a natural performance. The character named Sajith also did his part well. A foreign actor has acted as De Monte, not much scope to perform. Only one female character in the film is ‘Thenadai’ of OKOK fame.

Music by debut guitarist Keba Jeremiah. Commendable job, His re-recording is superb, it flows along with the film. Music plays a major role in this movie. Coming to songs, just two numbers; both in the first half. One was sung by D.Imman and another by Anirudh, Imman’s ‘Dummy piece’ song is catchy. Dance choreography could have been better in the song ‘Vaada va..’.

Film is technically brilliant. Aravinnd Singh’s cinematography is on top notch. The way he showed the room with minimal lights, the demonte colony shots, top angle view of the buildings, everything is awesome. Editing is crisp. Movie duration is less than 2 hours. Bhuvan Sreenivasan’s editing is perfect for this horror film.

Directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu, a former assistant of director A R Murugadoss. First of all we should appreciate his guts in taking this horror script with no comedy and heroine. Screenplay was engaging in the second half. First half was like plain drama with less thrills. Actual horror starts in second half. De Monte’s story is totally new to the audience.

Movie base plot is the ghost story behind ‘Demonte colony’, but 80% of the scenes in the film are shown as happening outside somewhere in a room in Patinapakkam and not in the colony. Interval block and a twist in the start of second half are few highlights.If you love ‘Conjuring’ you will definitely love this film.

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Demonte Colony : A well packed Horror film

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