Devarattam Movie Review

Devarattam Movie Review
Devarattam Movie Review

Devarattam Movie Review

DirectionM. Muthaiah
WriterM. Muthaiah
ProducerK. E. Gnanavel Raja
CastGautham Karthik
Manjima Mohan
MusicNivas K. Prasanna
CinematographySakthi Saravanan
EditorA. Sreekar Prasad
Production companyStudio Green
Running Time130 mins
Release Date1st May 2019

One humble request to producers, who assume themselves ‘Masterminds behind cinema business’. Please don’t assume that urban audiences and film critics have nothing to do with the stories based on rural backdrops. It’s about the reception from the audiences over there. Yes, the fact is true that many village based movies have worked out well commercially in both cities and villages. However, Devarattam is a stereotypical potboiler that loses its impact by the initial moments. It’s a film that will feed you with excess boredom and leave you soulless by the second hour.

Don’t ask us for the story and we’re sure that the regular watchers of Muthaiah movies would know his treatment. A brave young man in the village confronting against the cruel rich man’s son and the revenge saga begins. OMG! The noisiness is so much overloaded and there are few moments that you tend to actually bear. Thanks to cinematography for this sake. Director Muthaiah has been delivering quality films across the years and even the moviegoers in the city would love to watch his movies as they tend to be a commuter to the unpolluted pastures of villages. Nevertheless, this one looks a time-worn tale. Considering all the movies that Muthaiah has made, all of them would have some sentimental things within the family bonding. Here, it’s elder sister-younger brother relationship and it doesn’t make us feel so much impact.

Gautham Karthik has tried giving his best over converting himself into a lad from sub-urban and it works out well to certain extent. Manjima Mohan is an absolute disappointment. FEFSI Vijayan as usual tries to terrorize with his bulky face and crude voice. Others in the star-cast are just okay. Vinodhini as Gautham Karthik’s elder sister is commendable.

Musical score by Nivas K Prasanna stands out to be only convincing factor. The stereotypical package of fights, sentiments, romance (that doesn’t actually engross you), melody song and final revenge settled between good and bad doesn’t impress you out.

Overall, Devarattam is a film that gets stuck heavily by the initial moments and it doesn’t have any interesting story and screenplay.

Devarattam Movie Review
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Verdict: Onionskin tale that leaves you breathe in and out of exasperation

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