Devi Movie Review

Devi Movie Review

Direction & Writer : A. L. Vijay
Producer : K. Ganesh, Prabhu Deva
Cast : Prabhu Deva, Tamannaah, Sonu Sood, RJ Balaji
Music : Sajid-Wajid, Vishal Mishra – Orginal Songs, Gopi Sundar – Background score
Cinematography : Manush Nandan
Editor : Anthony
Production company : Prabhu Deva Studios
Running Time : 125 mins

Story of a happy go lucky guy who wants to get married to a modern trendy girl. Due to family circumstances, he was forced to marry Devi, a rural woman. He brings her to Mumbai, After a few days, he starts noticing her behaving strange and slowly realizes that she is possessed by a spirit whose ambition is to become an actress and she starts using his wife`s body to fulfill her desires. How he gets rid of the ghost and how he rescues his wife is the rest of the story.

Prabhudeva is back into acting in kollywood almost after a long gap of 12 years. Its real fun to watch his expressions on screen. Not to be mentioned about the dance, watch out for his stunning dance sequence for the ‘Chalmaar..’ song. He doesn’t looks like 43 years old. So young and energetic. His comic timings should be appreciable.

Tamanna has two get ups – one as a village housewife and another as glamorous ghost. She looks beautiful with modern costumes. And her dance in the ‘Gokka Makka’ song is amazing, she has acted well too. R J Balaji doesn’t have much scope. His role can be classified as an extended cameo.

Sonu Sood as film actor Rajiv Khanna, he looks handsome and delivers a neat performance. One who did exceptionally well is Murali Sharma, the manager role. His body language, lip sync and dialogue delivery needs a special mention. Nasser and Sathish’s cameo role is interesting. Amy Jackson shakes her leg for a song.

Songs of the film are composed by Sajid-Wajid and Vishal Mishra. Sajid’s two dance numbers are pretty good. Songs have high Hindi flavor, so fails to stick with us. All the Songs are visually good. Dance choreography is awesome. Gopi Sundar has done a good job with Background score. No duet songs or fight scenes in the movie. Duration is just 2 hrs.
Directed by A.L Vijay who is know for delivering emotional based content oriented films. But here he follows the outdated ghost comedy story with lazy screenplay, which is highly predictable. Comedy portions could have been much better. Film moves moreover like a plain drama rather than an interesting one.

Highlights of the film are Acting of Prabhu Deva and Tamannaah. Tamannaah’s glamour quotient, Comedic chemistry between Tamannaah & Prabhu Deva and Dance. Screenplay is the main drawback. Give it a try if you would like to see few dance steps from the ‘Dancing Legend’ Prabhu Deva and Tamannaah.