Dhillukku Dhuddu Movie Review

Dhillukku Dhuddu Movie Review

Direction & Writer : Rambala
Producer : N.Ramasamy
Cast : Santhanam | Shananya | Shaurabh Shukla | Karunas
Music : Thaman
Cinematography : Deepak Kumar Pathy
Editor : Gopi Krishna
Productioncompany : Sri Thenandal Films
RunningTime : 133 mins

Procrastinations over the screenplay and some flimsiness over the narration pulls down the film to the dull zone. Dhillukku Dhuddu – The title was intriguing over the hypes and expectations, where we were all assured about couple of things: Lollu Sabha team would offer limitless humour and yes, Santhanam would endow us with engrossments. But to our disappointments, what we get is not as expected. The film starts off on a stronger note, where we are introduced to a CG oriented prologue of journeying into the haunted bungalow on hill tops of Shivan Malai. We are made clear through the teasers and trailers that the protagonist will have some link with this house and yes, he enters it finally to witness some eeriness with fun bound, but it almost the entire first half for the actual drama to kick-start. The pre-intermission sequence that slightly pushes up the stroke with spine-chilling and fun-filled play, we are given self-assurance that there could be more fun and chill in latter hour, which again lands up on hopes dashed down.

It looks like the brand ‘Lollu Sabha’ involving director Ram Bala, Santhanam and their team of writers can manage to keep us in laughter for the precise duration of TV show (22-25 minutes of slot) and here’s the same what we get here. Exactly for the same minutes, we are taken through some best moments, where the laughter gets irresistible in theatres, but for the rest of episodes, it doesn’t engross us.

Dhilluku Dhuddu Movie Review
Dhilluku Dhuddu Movie Review

The first half is completely dedicated in orientation class of project called ‘New Santhanam’. Yes, we have to now sit back for the one whole and see his new looks, dancing skills, action and romancing with the sickly version of ‘Hansika Motwani’ – Shananya, the female lead. But Ram Bala deserves best appreciations for his casting of actors and yes, it is the only highlighting trait that keeps the film going even with fallible writing. Especially, Bollywood actor Shaurabh Shukla, who just emotes in a much hilarious way throughout tickling our funny bones. Anand Raj is good too and to the kind request of every director – Please don’t invite Naan Kadavul Rajendran into every film for the sake of drawing crowds and please don’t make him utter the punch dialogue references. We are tired. The background score by Karthik Raja works out in few places, the songs by Thaman are too stereotypical. Cinematography by Deepak Kumar Pathy is appreciable in many places, especially for the kind of shots he cranks inside the dark rooms with little lighting.

Final Verdict : 

Overall, Dhillukku Dhuddu has very limited portions to enjoy and although, we can appreciate Santhanam for his new changeover, fights and dances, the actor must clearly understand what audience love him for and shouldn’t give up on that. The title and film’s plot has no connection and that itself become a major constraint and as on whole, it’s a middling fare.

Dhilluku Dhuddu Movie review
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Dhilluku Dhuttu : Enjoyable in rare parts, tests patience in more.

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