Gatta Kusthi Movie Review

Gatta Kusthi Movie Review

Gatta Kusthi Movie Review

Filmmaker Chella Ayyavu has directed the film ‘Gatta Kusthi’ which features Vishnu Vishal and Aishwarya Lekshmi as the lead characters. The film deals with the marriage between a woman wrestler (Aishwarya Lekshmi) and a wayward person (Vishnu Vishal), where the girl’s family hides her real identity and gets her hitched. What happens, when the hero finds out her true nature forms the crux of the story.

Vishnu Vishal as a producer and actor has strived to branch out into different story premises, and his ability to balance the offbeat and commercial domains is yet another appreciable element in his career. With ‘Gatta Kusthi’, he expands this potential by taking a back seat and letting the female lead gain more prominence. Special kudos to Vishnu Vishal for this earnest attempt! The script has more vital importance for Aishwarya Lekshmi’s character. There are few scenes, where you can see her arms and muscles flexed up, and that doesn’t happen without preparations. She has exerted more effort by greasing her elbows and her hard work pays off well. It would be a real bliss for actresses like her if producers/actors like Vishnu Vishal come up with a similar idea. Moreover, today’s reigning actors like Rajinikanth, Vijay, and Ajith Kumar have done lots of movies, by keeping the female lead characters ahead of them in the early stages of their careers.

Of course, there are a few setbacks in this movie. While the dialogues and drama advocate the freedom and free will of women, it would have been better if the director had paid some attention to intensifying the relationship between the male and female protagonists. At the maximum stretch, we see them together on a marital night, and there aren’t any other scenes to delineate their bonding. Yes, this is a commercial movie, but still, if the director and writer had emphasized this in at least a couple of scenes, Gatta Kusthi would have garnered more appreciation.

However, this doesn’t hamper the progression of the script, as family audiences will like it as a passable entertainer. Technically, there isn’t much to bring up. The First half has good hilarious moments, and the second hour takes an emotional tour. The portions involving Hareesh Peraadi are good and appreciable.

On the whole, Gatta Kusthi is a mindless entertainer that gives you a decent lease of fun-filled moments, a pinch of emotions, and a feel of watching a good time-pass movie.

Gatta Kusthi Movie Review
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Verdict: There’s fun, emotions and entertainment that will engross family audiences

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