Hit List Movie Review

Hit List Movie Review

Director Vikraman’s son Vijay Kanishka is debuting in lead role with the film ‘Hit List’, which is directed by Soorya Kathir Kaakkallar and K Karthikeyan.

The story revolves around Vijay (Vijay Kanishka) has always followed the ‘Non-Violence’ as his ritual. He is a disciplinarian and a vegan, who never hurts even the smallest souls on the planet. He is leading a peaceful life with his mother and younger sister. However, his life is turned upside down, when a stranger without an identity abducts his mother and sister, and orders him to complete few tasks. The first one being the killing of a rooster, and the protagonist does it after so many excruciating attempts. Shockingly, his next task is to bump off a notorious gangster named Kaali (Garuda Ram). The twist in the tale is that the stranger has abducted even Kaali’s brother and has insisted him to kill Vijay. Now both have to lock horns and kill each other to save their families.

What happens next is a series of twists and turns.

Vijay Kaniskha has taken more efforts in coming up with a promising performance and excels in few places. Well, with consistent choice of good scripts, and performances, he will go places. Garuda Ram with his usual performance gains our attention. The others in the star-cast have done what is required from their respective roles.

Both the directors have conceptualised a good story, but the problem comes with balancing of Preachy Vs Entertainment. Well, conveying social messages are appreciable, but what audience expect the most in the theatres are the engrossing screenplay. The film’s first half has light moments that doesn’t steal our attention. The directors could have tweaked these unwanted elements, and tried getting into the main plot as early as possible. Of course, as the story approaches the intermission point, we’re pulled back into the premise, thereby raising the curiousness and expectations on what could be the next in second half.

Technically, it’s a decent work, with the editing being sleek.

On the whole, Hit List is a decent attempt by the makers. If they had tweaked the film a bit in the first half, and made it more entertaining, and racier, the film would have been more appealing that what it is now.

HitList Movie Review
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Verdict: Decent attempt! Interesting in Parts!

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