Hit The Second Case Movie Review

Hit: The Second Case Movie Review

Hit: The Second Case Movie Review

Filmmaker Sailesh Kolanu and producer Nani offered a superb hit ‘Hit’, whose success left them in deep ideation to come up with a sequel. Yes, the film ‘Hit: The Second Case’ happens a few years after the incidents of the first part, and we come across a new police officer Krishna Dev (a) KD (Adivi Sesh), who is assigned to investigate the gruesome murder of a girl named Sanjana. His first sight at the Crime Scene sends him into shivers as the body parts are chopped. What adds more shock to KD is the forensic reports revealing that it’s just Sanjana’s head and other parts belonging to different victims. How the protagonist unravels the mystery behind these murders and traps the killer is the basic crux of this movie.

The running length with 2hrs itself gives the impression that we are going to watch a sleek, crisp, and taut thriller. Besides, we are drawn into the plot by the prologue sequence itself, where we start making assumptions. However, the main conflict pops up with the shocking revelation of multiple murders. The first half proceeds at a normal momentum, and the interval block is pretty emotional. The second hour picks up the pace, but we find the climax arriving abruptly. Moreover, we tend to feel that there could have been a few more gripping scenes. Psycho serial killer gets a meaty impact until the character preys upon the protagonist’s wife. The climax portion to looks more clichéd and gives an impression of a commercial potboiler. However, they get eclipsed by the arrival, indeed a surprise cameo by a leading star. The way, the director tries to connect the first part moments with the sequel appeals to our interest.

Adivi Sesh delivers a neat performance. His screen presence and body language befittingly look perfect. Meenakshi Choudary travels throughout the film and is okay with her performance. Srinath Maganth has a commendable screen presence. Actor Suhas has done what is required for the role.

Technically, S Manikandan’s cinematography is top-notch and John’s re-recording is appreciable too.

On the whole, Hit: The Second Case might not match the level of its prequel, but still, it offers a good experience for franchise lovers. The lead to the third part has a mass appeal, which will let audiences forget the little drawbacks of this movie.

Hit: The Second Case Movie Review
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Verdict: Hit: The Second Case might not be tremendous as the first part, but will not disappoint you.

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