India Pakistan Movie Review

India Pakistan Movie Review

Direction : N. Anand
Produced by : Fatima Vijay Antony
Starring : Vijay Antony, Sushma Raj, Pasupathy, Jagan, Manobala, MS Baskar, TP Gajendren, Kali, sharth, Urvasi
Music : Deena Devarajan
Cinematography : N. Om
Editing : M.Thiyagarajan
Production company : Vijay Antony Film Corporation

India Pakistan is the third venture from Vijay Antony and this one falls on the romantic comedy film directed by N. Anand. Lets see the review of this movie.

Story lies in the title itself. Even though India and Pakistan are neighboring countries, there is a clash exist between both countries. Similarly our hero heroine stays in same house, separate room but fight with each other everytime. Film is all about two emerging lawyers who fights to win a rural case. It showcase the situations surrounding this theme and the verdict of the case.

Vijay Antony’s third film.Comparing to Naan and Salem, his performance is not that impressive in this film, might be because of the role. His face refuses to show expressions, body language is also not matching.Dance movements are pathetic. Dialogue delivery is good.Hopefully he will give a good performance in his next film ‘Pichaikaran’ or ‘Thirudan’.

Sushma Raj plays the female lead role. She looks alike Anushka, same face cut. Acting is good in parts, still there is scope for improvement. Her dance is good, she looks beautiful in modern costumes. Her dubbing suits well. Urvasi does a cameo and she scores in that single scene.

Other cast includes Pasupathy,Jegan,Manobala,MS Bhaskar, Kaali venkat,T P Gajendran and Sharath. The one whose performance makes us watch the film to an extend is Pasupathy, the comical village role he has played is superb.His tamil slang is perfect. Jegan’s one liners failed to evoke laughter.Villain Sharath looks scary and he did a neat job.

Music by debut Deena Devarajan. His BGM is not commendable, but songs are really good. Movie has a total of 5 songs. First half has 3 and second with 2. Pick of the album is ‘vadi kutty lady…’. Picturisation is cool in this song. SPB Charan’s voice in ‘oru ponna pathen..’ song is catchy. Costumes are really good in the melody song Pala kodi pengaliley…’

Cinematography by Om, a perfect camera work for this film. Either the city shots or village shots or the foreign location songs, his camera angles are treat to our eyes. Editing by M.Thiyagarajan, Film definitely needs scissor, its 137 min, but feel like watching the film for 4 hrs.Editing could have been better here.A House which plays a major role in the film is the same VTV house in Thiruvanmiyur.

Film is directed by N.Anand. Nothing new in script. . Screenplay is very draggy and pretty much predictable.But few dialogues are really good.He gives more importance to the comedy scenes, but it worked only in parts.Good thought to bring in ‘Kadhkalukku mariyathai’ into the script.For a debut, he has tried to give his best, but the output is not 100% satisfying.

Highlights of the film are – the shopping mall scene, CD copying scene, Urvasi’s conversation with heroines dad, Couple of Vijay-Antony+Jegan combo scenes and 3 songs.Even though hero and heroine are neighbors, they are clashing each other everytime like the India and Pakistan. So the title is well justified.

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IndiaPakistan – Vijay Antony’s first attempt as an entertainer!

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