Innimey Ippadithaan Movie Review

Innimey Ippadithaan Movie Review

Innimey Ippadithaan a romantic comedy film directed by Lollu Sabha fame Muruganand starring Santhanam in the lead role. Lets see santhanam second venture as hero strike the chord.

Direction : Muruganand
Production : Handmade Films, Santhanam
Cast : Santhanam, Ashna Zaveri, Akhila Kishore
Music : Santhosh Kumar Dhayanidhi
Cinematography : Gopi Jagadesswaran
Editing : Anthony L. Ruben

Story revolves around a guy who wants to do love marriage.When an astrologer warns the parents of hero that if he doesn’t tie the knot in three months, he will never get married in his life.Meanwhile hero wants to marry a beautiful girl and not to get trapped into the arranged marriage. However situation makes him to get engaged to a girl his parents fixed, Also at the same time another girl accepts his love proposal.Which girl he marries at the end is the rest of the film.

Santhanam’s second film as hero after ‘Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham’. He looks dashing with good costumes throughout the film.He tries to dance, still lot of scope to improve. Film doesn’t have much to do with emotional scenes for him. Overall Santhanam performed as usual with casual dialogue delivery and body language.

Film has got two heroines, Ashna Zaveri as the main lead lady. She looks stylish and attractive. Her performance is decent with perfect lip sync.Good Characterization.Second heroine Akila of ‘Kathai Thiriaikathai Vasanam’ fame. She did her part well with ease. Cameo by Vidulekha Raman stays in mind.

Other casts includes Thambi Ramayyah, Naren, VTV Ganesh and FEFSI VIjayan. Naren as Santhanum’s dad, he nails it.VTV Ganesh plays the similar role as hero’s friend who supports his love.Thambi Ramayya gets more screen space than others and he did justice to the role. Another notable side character is the one who follows Ashna with different hairstyles.

Music is composed by Santhosh Kumar Dhayanidhi. His BGM boosts the film and songs are good. Music is a strength to the film. Two songs which stays in mind are ‘Athana azhaagayum…’ and ‘Aathula oru kaal,,,’. Choreography is good for the last song ‘aathula oru kaal..’. Dance moments are not satisfactory in the other songs.

Technically the film is good with beautiful cinematography by Gopi Amarnath. And Anthony L Ruben’s editing made the film a duration of 2.15 hrs.Film is directed by Lollu Sabha fame duo Murugan-Anand. Main drawback is the script.Plot itself lacks depth and very old.Screenplay is like a plain drama for this romantic comedy.

There are hardly countable scenes which evokes laughter.Film has a good interval block and a climax. Base story resembles another film ‘Santhosh Subramaniyam’. Climax is not so convincing, Still its an unexpected and a good end for this drama.Romance exists, but comedy is totally missing in the movie.Overall the Film is enjoyable only in parts.