Iru Mugan Movie Review

Iru Mugan Movie Review

Direction & Writer : Anand Shankar
Producer : Shibu Thameens
Cast : Vikram, Nayantara, Nithya Menen
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography : R. D. Rajasekhar
Editor : Bhuvan Srinivasan
Production company : Thameens Films
Running Time : 154 mins

The story is based on the attacks of Indian Embassy in Malaysia and the chemical smuggling by ‘Love’ in general medicines. Indian Intelligence Agent Akilan fights a lone battle to save the people from this dangerous criminal ‘ Love’. The story is not something new but ‘Love’ character is definitely fresh.

Chiyaan Vikram plays dual role as an Interpol Officer ‘Akilan’ and Transgender villain ‘Love’. With beard, he looks stunning. As ‘Love’, his body language and mannerisms are eye candy. The way he walks, his facial expressions, costumes everything matches perfectly. ‘Love’ character adds one more feather in the cap of Chiyaan’s acting cap. His handwork is visible in each frame, Way to go.

Two heroines, Nayantara and Nithya Menon. Nayantara as Meera – Vikram’s love interest and also colleague, did her part well. She looks dashing in the ‘Halena..’ song. Nithya Menon plays an interpol officer role who supports Vikram. She travels along with Vikram for almost 75% of the movie. Thambi Ramayya as Malaysian cop, except few one liners, all his scenes fall flat. A total misfit. Nasser and Karunakaran in cameo role. Karunakran’s portion was confusing.

Music is composed by Harris Jayaraj. He has given a killer Background Music. Film has total 3 songs and 1 theme music. All the songs are lovely, First song ‘Halena…’ is a visual treat. Second song ‘Oh Maya..’ is colorful. Third song ‘Kannai Vittu..’ comes post interval, though the song placement is poor its choreographed well. At times, felt BGM was little loud.

Technical side scores centum in the film. Cinematography by R.D.Rajasekhar deserves a special mention, especially in action sequences and songs. Editing department has done a fair job. Costumes are very good, gives a rich and stylish look/feel. Stunt choreography should be appreciable. Runtime is 160 mins.

Directed by Anand Shankar of ‘Arima Nambi’ fame. The story which we have seen in many movies in 1960s to 2010 period. Screenplay lacks depth and interest, fails big time. The interest he shown in scientific research could have done in scripting. First half is decent with a good interval twist. Overdose of inhaler concept spoils the second half completely. Though the concept is good, presentation is very dull. Dialogues are such a mess. There is not even a single good dialogue.

One and only positive in the film is Vikram’s look and performance as ‘Love’. Unfortunately Vikram’s efforts alone couldn’t save this film. Repetitive scenes in the second half tests our patience.Hopefully Anand Shankar will bounce back with a good script next time. Film is watchable only for Vikram’s hard work.

Iru Mugan Movie Review
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Iru Mugan – Lacks the punch and ends up as an average affair

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