Iru Mugan Songs Review

Iru Mugan Songs Review

Iru Mugan Songs Review

Iru Mugan is directed by Anand Shankar featuring Vikram, Nayantara in lead role. Music composed by Harris Jayaraj and here comes the review of the songs.

1. Halena
Singers : Christopher Stanley | Abhay Jodhpurkar | Ujjayinee Roy
Lyrics : Karky

Even for the songs, the initial impression attracts much and halena has that magic with the startup bit, stick to your heart for sure. After a minute of buildup, halena hit the chords straightly which will make anyone to travel with the song and the energy goes till the end. An instant likable song.

Iru Mugan Songs Review halena
Iru Mugan Songs Review

2. Oh Maya
Singers : N.C.Karunya, Ramya NSK
Lyrics : Thamarai

A melody in harris style with beautiful humming of maya throughout. Interlude portions with keyboard, flute add more flavours to the breezy portions. Both the leads Karunya and Ramya, did a subtle needed vocals for the duet song.

Iru Mugan Songs Review ohmaya
Iru Mugan Songs Review

3. Kannai Vittu
Singers : Tipu | Pravin Saivi | Srimathumitha
Lyrics : Karky

Peaceful start for a soulful song and music speaks a lot specially with a classical touch of mathumitha. A slow poison to engage you where the interlude tunes make you awake and the pitch gradually comes down and ends beautifully with a humming.

Iru Mugan Songs Review kannaivittu
Iru Mugan Songs Review

4. Irumugan Settai
Singers : Kavithai Gundar Emcee jesz | Steeve vatz | Maalavika Manoj
Lyrics : Kavithai Gundar Emcee jesz

A typical Kavithai Gundar track with the steady high pitch energy till the end with stop in the middle for malavika portions. Rap portions are electrifying with quirky words. Adds as a perfect BGM track for fast motion.

Iru Mugan Songs Review irumugansettai
Iru Mugan Songs Review

5. Face Off
Singers : Maria Roe Vincent

An intense energetic music with a likeable rhythm to shake our heads and maria’s light note in the middle for a break. A grand music for the kind of Irumugan theme.

Iru Mugan Songs Review faceoff
Iru Mugan Songs Review
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Irumugan : An assorted collection of Harris western melodies

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