Irudhi Suttru Movie Review

Irudhi Suttru Movie Review

writer & Directer : Sudha Kongara
Producer : C. V. Kumar
Dialogue : Arun Matheshwaran
Cast : R. Madhavan | Ritika Singh
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography : Sivakumar Vijayan
Editor : Sathish Suriya
Production company : Y NOT Studios | Thirukumaran Entertainment
Running Time : 112 mins

Maddy’s comeback movie directed by Sudha Kongara. A sports movie in which madhavan plays the role of a boxing trainer and the new face Ritika as a boxer. Lets see how it different from regular sports movie.

One line
Story of an aspiring boxer to win a womens world championship along with a boxing coach and the struggle she come across in reaching the goal.

Plot – a bit more
Sports and politics are inseparable and we used to see in all sports movies where this is not an exception. Frame a story from these words Boxing, Training, Struggle, Coach, Women, Politics, Association, Championship and it will be right what you imagined, a common tale of every sports movie.

Bold comeback for maddy and his gigantic gesture suits to the core where his powerful performance lift the movie to a greater heights. His facial expressions speaks a lot and at the climax, a minute of speech-less performance stands out. Ritika Singh equally well to maddy and cant believe this is her debut acting. Training and boxing sequences are realistic for a women to do and she excels, also the transformation from a naughty girl to a responsible boxer are visible. Mumtaz Sorcar another new face done her pretty decent acting. Nassar, Radha ravi, Zakir, Kaali venkat did their job what is needed in their short role.

Length of the movie is a major plus and editing is sharp enough where no dull moments throughout. Santhosh music maintain the phase of the movie in training and boxing sessions by his terrific background score where songs Ey Sandakaara and Vaa Machane are peppy tracks which are scene oriented visuals as needed by the movie. Cinematography brings a new color to each frame and gives a energetic feel while seeing. Final ring shots are captured well, that make audience glue to the seat.

As movie is crisp, it enters the main plot in real quick and straight to the training sessions. Though we are familiar about movies of athlete-coach combo sports movies, this one differs from the tratment and the approach towards the theme are well-made. Subplots of relationships boxer-sister, trainer-coach are portrayed well with little detailing of establishments from the beginning. At one point, when boxer asks his coach of what you want, he says a one word, knock-out, from there film takes the top speed and stop only at the climax. Dialogues are quirky as well as sharp penned by arun matheshwaran.

In a Nutshell
In short, finest making, powerful performance, brilliant casting, racy screenplay, gripping backgroud score, engaging crispy plot, good cinematography altogether a true inspirational movie for women’s boxing career. Last 20 mins you cant close your eyes and last 50 secs you cant blink your eyes. one last punch, one last trick, one last knockout, one last tribute, IrudhiSuttru.

Irudhi Suttru Movie Review
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Emotional punches boxed with inspirations

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